Innovations from “Darnitsa”: the Company opens a network of pharmacies and hospitals

The Pharmaceutical Company “Darnitsa” has decided to enter the retail business and open pharmacy-hospital facilities throughout Ukraine. The first one should open in two months in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

We will tell you how the format of a pharmacy and a doctor’s office in one will work, as well as how much you need to invest in one institution.

How will Darnitsa’s one-minute clinic work?

Kateryna Zagoriy, a member of Darnitsa’s Board of Directors, told Forbes that the new format will have a medicine sales area and a general practitioner’s office. The consultation will be paid.

The facility will offer medicines not only from Darnitsa, but also from other manufacturers. However, the assortment will be smaller than in other pharmacies. For example, there will be no napkins or diapers. But there will be an addition: visitors will be able to donate blood for analysis.

Where to open and what investments are needed

The first openings are planned in small towns – both in street shops and shopping centers with an area of about 150 square meters. m. One such “pharmacy-hospital” will open in Yaremche in two months. We are also planning to open a branch in Zhytomyr region, then in Horishni Plavni, Poltava region, and in Darnytsia, Kyiv. The first such clinics will operate in a test mode for now.

As the top manager clarified, investments in one such establishment amount to $100 thousand-120 thousand.

The owner of, Yuriy Chertkov, pointed out that the main income of One Minute Clinic is the retail sale of medicines. Thus, Darnitsa will enter the pharmacy retail.

“In order to reduce dependence on pharmacy chains, Darnitsa should create about 1 thousand such outlets,” said Mr. Chertkov and assumed that the company does have such capacities.

Interestingly, Darnitsa has previously launched a similar project – “Doctor in a Pharmacy”. Then visitors could consult with a specialist about taking medications. However, due to the crisis of 2008-2010, the project closed.


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