New world record: woman climbs the Eiffel Tower on a rope in less than 20 minutes (video)

Anouk Garnier managed to surpass the world record of 90 meters for men and 26 meters for women.

Anouk Garnier, a 34-year-old French athlete, broke the world record in rock climbing by climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The event took place yesterday, April 11, The Guardian reports.

The athlete was able to climb to a height of 110 meters in 18 minutes. Anouk Garnier surpassed the previous record of South African Thomas Van Tonder, who climbed 90 meters, and Danish Ida Mathilde Stinsgaard, who climbed 26 meters.

“It was a dream come true. It was magical. If I never doubted anything, it was that I was going to do it. It’s a year of preparation, it’s not just an 18-minute climb. It’s all the pressure when you’re striving for such great things. When it’s actually done, the emotions are crazy,” Garnier said after setting the record.

It is worth noting that in 2022, she won the title of two-time world champion in the obstacle course in her age category.

Anouk Garnier also stated that her goal was to raise funds for the League Against Cancer, which supports the treatment of children with cancer. It is known that the athlete’s mother also has cancer, so the daughter decided to support her mother in her fight against the disease.


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