No whole house: Russian occupants turned Robotyne into ruins (video)

Fleeing from the Russian occupiers, people were forced to leave the village. The Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated Robotyne in August last year. Since then, the occupiers have been trying to re-enter the village and destroying everything in their path.

The armed forces of the Russian Federation completely destroyed the village of Robotyno in Zaporizhzhia region. This settlement has been in the epicenter of intense fighting for 8 months. The Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine on Telegram showed what the village looks like.

“This is what Robotyno looks like now, which cannot even be called a settlement, because there is no population… Fleeing from the p*ssies, people were forced to leave because there was not a single intact house left… This is the face of the “Russian world,” the statement reads.

The Defense Forces emphasized that this is how the “aswabadites” liberate Ukrainian towns and villages, completely destroying them and then reporting on “successes at the front” on the ruins.

Photo: Deep State

According to open sources, before the full-scale invasion, 480 people lived in the village of Robotyne in the Pologivsky district of Zaporizhzhia region.

On March 6, 2022, the Russian Armed Forces seized the village. In August, the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered a settlement that had been the subject of fierce fighting. At the end of the month, the occupiers were driven out of Robotyn. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine officially announced the liberation of the village on August 28, 2023.

As a result of regular Russian assaults, on December 26, 2023, the Ukrainian Armed Forces retreated to more favorable positions north of the village.

On April 9, Zaporizhzhia Regional Council deputy Serhiy Lyshenko reported that the Russian Armed Forces had broken through in Robotyn, and the occupiers began to recapture the area from which they had been driven out during last year’s counteroffensive.

On April 14, a Ukrainian Armed Forces lieutenant with the call sign “Alex” reported that the Russian occupiers might try to encircle Robotyn.

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