Poland reports the fall of a military object near the border with the Kaliningrad region

An unknown flying object crashed in Poland near the border with Russia. Law enforcement officers are currently working at the crash site.

This was reported by the Polish edition niezalezna.pl.

It is known that an unknown object fell on a field in a village near Milakow (Warmia and Mazury).

It is noted that this object was not a military one. The police received a report from a resident of the village that an unknown object had landed near his house.

“The police will hand it over to the military. We will explain what it is and where it came from,” said Rafał Jackowski, a spokesman for the Warmia and Mazury Police.

According to him, the facility is not a military one and local residents are not in danger.

“There is no need to evacuate the residents. We are in the process of determining where the goods came from. However, what is certain is that it is not a military facility,” he added.

In turn, Paulina Sliwinska, a sergeant from the District Police Department in Ostroda, confirmed the fall of the object. According to her, this is a weather balloon.

“I can confirm that this morning we received a report that an object was found in the fields of a farmer in the vicinity of Milakov. We have confirmation that it is a weather balloon. The police will explain who the object belongs to and why it ended up in our region,” she said.

Source trueua
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