Ukrainians brought more used cars despite border blockade

In February 2024, 19.9 thousand used cars were brought from abroad and registered in Ukraine for the first time. This figure is significantly higher (by 51.5%) than in February 2023, and even higher than a month earlier – by 12%.

The most popular brands of imported used cars

As with domestic resales, the Volkswagen brand traditionally topped the ranking of “freshly driven” used passenger cars in February, once again with a confident lead over its rivals in terms of number and market share. There were 3.2 thousand of such cars registered, accounting for 16.1% of the total, according to the Automotive Market Research Institute.

Audi continues to hold the second place, with a result of 1.6 thousand. first registrations and a share of 8.3%. Nissan is in third place (7.9%, 1.6 thousand), followed by Renault with a result of 1.4 thousand. and 7.1%. Fifth place with similar results (5.8%, 1.2 thousand units) was shared by Skoda and Ford.

Top 20 most popular brands among imported used cars in February 2024

The most popular models of used cars from abroad

Volkswagen Golf remained the leader of “freshly driven” used cars. In February, 979 of them were delivered. The electric version of the e-Golf, which we include in the total number as differing only in the type of powertrain, helps it to keep the lead, and the models are not divided by fuel type in the ratings.

Skoda Octavia is in second place (775 units), followed by Volkswagen Passat (647 units). The fourth on the list is Renault Megane, which were “brought in” and submitted for the first registration in the amount of 539 units. Voklswagen Tiguan (499 units) rounds out the top five “freshly driven” passenger cars.

Top 20 most popular imported used cars in February 2022.

The February Top 20, as in the previous few months, includes three electric cars: Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model 3, and another Tesla – Model Y. In addition to these, the overall standings include electric Volkswagen e-Golfs, which joined our fleet in the amount of 222 units.

In February, there were significantly more first registrations of used cars than in January – 19.9 thousand. against 17.8 thousand. which is a 12% increase. So far, there has been no slowdown in the import segment due to a number of factors, such as stricter document checks of drivers on the Ukrainian side and the return of “activist farmers” to blocking border roads by some European countries. However, it should be borne in mind that there is a certain amount of time between customs clearance and the first registration, which is actually covered in this review, ranging from several days to several months (if, for example, a car from the United States needs to be repaired). Therefore, the consequences of the above factors may still manifest themselves over time.

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