Russia wants to get more modern Arash-2 UAVs from Iran instead of Shahed-136

The Russian military is not satisfied with the effectiveness of Shahed-136 drones. Even after installing GLONASS modules in drones, they can be used to strike only static objects. Due to the too noisy engine, the assembled aircraft can be heard from afar. 85% of Iranian drones are intercepted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on approach to targets.

According to Oleksandr Musienko, who heads the Center for Military Legal Studies, instead of the Shahed-136, the Russians want to receive more technologically advanced Arash-2 drones from Iran. They can be used to attack air defense systems and radars.

It follows from the report of the American Institute for the Study of War that the occupying forces could not achieve special successes on the battlefield with the help of the Shahed-136. In this regard, the Kremlin requested Arash-2 drones from Tehran. Allegedly, the contract for their supply has already been signed. Thus, in the near future, the role of Iran in the Russian-Ukrainian military confrontation will increase even more.

Unlike Shahed-136, Arash-2 drones are equipped with optical and thermal imaging cameras. They can switch between targets while in flight.

Journalists of the French publication La Croix note that there is very little data on the technical characteristics of new Iranian drones in open sources. At the same time, they are quite contradictory. Arash-2 is rumored to have a range of 2,000 km. The American website 19fortyfive claims that it does not exceed 1,000 km. Thus, Shahed-136 and Arash-2 have approximately the same range.

Iranian authorities say the Arash-2 is equipped with a jet propulsion system. Meanwhile, propellers can be seen in the drones depicted in the photo. It is possible that Arash-2 is produced in screw and jet versions. The speed of a propeller drone is 200 km/h, and a jet drone is 400 km/h.

The wingspan of the Shahed-136 is 2.5 m. It is 1.5 m larger in the Arash-2. The weight of the combat unit ‘Shakhed’ can reach 40 kg. The Arash-2 drone is capable of carrying 272 kg of explosives on board. Thus, Arash-2 drones are more destructive than Shahed-136.

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