South Korean company has developed a maritime drone similar to Ukrainian surface drones

LIG Nex1 has developed and introduced Sea Sword maritime drones for reconnaissance and strikes against enemy targets, similar to Ukrainian surface drones.

Sea Sword-II is a reconnaissance drone capable of performing surface and underwater reconnaissance missions. It is equipped with an ROV module for detecting sea mines and underwater vessels. For additional firepower, a 20 mm cannon can be installed on the bow of the boat.

The platform is equipped with sensors, including a navigation camera, electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) sensors, obstacle detection sensors, radar, antenna communication, GPS, automatic identification system (AIS) and artificial intelligence for autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Technical characteristics of Sea Sword-II:

  • Length: 12 m;
  • width: 3,5 м;
  • displacement: 9.2 tons (light load);
  • speed: over 40 knots;
  • range: up to 20 km (extendable with a range extender);
  • EO/IR tracking: 7 km.

Sea Sword-III is a combat variant of the Sea Sword line. It differs from the Sea Sword-II in its large dimensions and the ability to deploy such weapons systems as the Poniard LOGIR and RCWS launcher.

Technical characteristics of Sea Sword-III:

  • Length: 15 m;
  • width: 3,8 м;
  • displacement: 9.8 tons (light load);
  • speed: over 40 knots;
  • range: up to 20 km (extendable with a range extender).
Source building-tech
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