Space reconnaissance vehicle at the service of Ukraine: details of the “people’s satellite” ICEYE operation revealed

For almost 2 years now, Ukrainian intelligence specialists have been using the ICEYE spacecraft to detect Russian military facilities and protect the state.

Main theses:

  • ICEYE provides the ability to receive data both in the temporarily occupied territories and in other parts of the world where enemy forces are operating.
  • “The People’s Sputnik allows us to accurately identify military targets and prepare fire strikes against the enemy.
  • Ukrainian intelligence has captured 4173 images of Russian targets over the 2 years of using ICEYE, which has become an indispensable source of information for the country’s defense.

ICEYE helps Ukrainian defenders destroy enemy forces

The results are just out of this world! “It is very important that intelligence from Earth orbit allows us to obtain data both in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and in other places on the planet where the military forces and means of terrorist Russia are located,” the DIU said in a statement.

What is important to understand is that over the 2 years of using the “people’s satellite” and access to the ICEYE constellation of satellites, experts have taken a total of 4173 images of Russian objects, including:

  • 370 are airfields;
  • 238 – positions of air defense and radio reconnaissance;
  • 153 – oil depots and fuel warehouses;
  • 147 – missile, aviation weapons and ammunition depots;
  • 17 – naval bases.

In addition, it is noted that the ICEYE lens shows permanent deployment points of enemy forces, Russian training grounds, military camps, and mobilization deployment centers.

What is known about the main advantage of ICEYE

According to the GUR, this is primarily due to its ability to clearly see the concentration of even carefully camouflaged mechanized units of the Russian army with its equipment.

Moreover, it is stated that ICEYE is able to accurately identify the type and type of detected enemy combat aircraft, ships, and air defense systems, and also records the level of damage to the enemy’s facilities.

About 38% of the entire data set obtained through ICEYE was used to directly prepare fire damage to the enemy – this is billions of dollars in losses for Russia, and the cost of its aggression will continue to grow! Our boundless gratitude goes to every citizen who joined the charitable project of the Serhiy Prytula Foundation – this is one of the best investments in Ukraine’s defense capability! – Ukrainian intelligence officers emphasize.

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