SpaceX has opened access to an interactive map of its Starlink Internet satellites

SpaceX has unveiled a new tool for monitoring its Starlink Internet satellites – an interactive map showing their location in real time in Earth orbit. This innovation allows users to track the position of each of the company’s satellites, providing a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the process of one of the most ambitious space programs of our time.

Launched on SpaceX’s official website, the map not only visualizes the current location of satellites, but also provides information on the total number of vehicles that have been launched and those that are currently active. According to the latest data, out of 5977 satellites launched, 5601 continue to operate in orbit, while 376 were decommissioned for various reasons, including failure to reach the planned orbit or design flaws.

This SpaceX initiative opens up new perspectives for observers and stakeholders, allowing them to interact with space technology with greater transparency. In addition to providing high-speed Internet in remote regions of the world, Starlink now offers a unique educational value by demonstrating its work in real time.

Source vsviti
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