SpaceX makes the world’s first satellite video call using Starlink Direct to Cell

Since 2022, SpaceX has been working on launching a satellite communication service, which is scheduled for 2024. In this project, the company is cooperating with T-Mobile and other international operators. Obviously, there has been some progress in this direction – SpaceX has passed an important milestone in the development of the service and demonstrated its capabilities.

SpaceX posted a video on the X social network (formerly Twitter). In this video, a SpaceX employee makes a video call to X with another SpaceX employee. Importantly, the video call is made on an unmodified phone connected to Direct to Cell, making it the first video call within this service.

Just two months ago, SpaceX sent a letter to the FCC boasting that the service “meets or exceeds testing goals.” Although the phone call using Direct to Cell is a bit blurry, it is clear during this test that the service works fine.

When Direct to Cell finally launches later this year, it will initially support text messages only. Voice and data transmission are expected to be available in 2025.

Source itc
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