The Armed Forces showed a video of Russians on golf carts trying to storm Ukrainian positions

The Russian military used Chinese Desertcross golf carts to storm Ukrainian positions on the Estuary.

The video of the operation was released by the 60th Brigade’s press service.

Recently, soldiers of the 60th Separate Mechanized Ingulets Brigade repelled a massive Russian offensive, which involved a T-90M tank, two BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles and four Chinese golf carts.

Judging by the footage captured by a Ukrainian drone, the Russians planned to flank the Ukrainian soldiers with light maneuverable vehicles simultaneously with a frontal assault with heavy equipment.

However, thanks to well-established intelligence and coordinated actions of artillery and a unit of attack drones, this plan was discovered and countered in time.

Immediately at the beginning of the battle, the Ukrainian military managed to disable the T-90M, which was supposed to provide firepower at the forefront of the attack. After that, it and another infantry fighting vehicle were hit by FPV drones.

At the same time, the enemy infantry was eliminated on the outskirts by drones and artillery using cluster munitions.

The Russian convoy of four golf carts was broken up on the approach with cluster munitions. Due to the lack of any protection, the infantry in it was hit by debris.

A Russian convoy of four golf carts attempting to advance in the direction of the Liman, March 2014. Photo: 60th Separate Mechanized Brigade.

The Russians have been using Chinese civilian Desertcross all-terrain vehicles at the front for a long time, but this is the first documented case of their involvement in assault operations.

The decision to use golf carts may be related to the Russian military’s need for fast, maneuverable vehicles and the shortage of normal wheeled armored vehicles.

The Russians first started using Desertcross-1000-3 all-terrain vehicles last fall. These machines are manufactured for Russia by the Chinese company Shandong Odes Industry.

Russian military and a Desertcross-1000-3 golf cart at the front, 2023.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that in 2023, more than 530 such vehicles were transferred to the army. A contract was also being prepared for the purchase of about 1,600 more units. In particular, 500 were to be delivered in December and the rest in the first quarter of 2024.

Source Military
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