The destruction of 120 Shaheds and other UAVs by the Russian Federation is confirmed

The Ukrainian Navy clarified the data on the strike on UAV depots in Yeysk, Russia, on the night of June 21. According to the new information, 120 drones, Shaheds and others, as well as instructors and technical personnel of the base were destroyed.

Thus, the forces and means of the Ukrainian Navy and the Security Service of Ukraine hit the facilities at the training ground of the 726th Air Defense Training Center (military unit 33859) in Yeysk, in the Krasnodar region of Russia. The Center trained the military of the aggressor state to use various types of UAVs. They were destroyed as a result of the strikes:

  • Shahed-136 (“Geranium-2”) drones – 20
  • Lancet attack drones – 50
  • ZALA reconnaissance drones – 40
  • SuperCam reconnaissance drones – 10

120 Shaheeds and other UAVs destroyed in Russian Yeysk – Ukrainian Navy updates on strikes on the night of June 21

The impact is confirmed by a spectacular comparison of before and after satellite photos. The destruction does seem to be extensive.

Earlier, the Navy confirmed the destruction of the Shaheda warehouse and related infrastructure. UAV storage and preparation areas, training buildings, control and communication centers for drone crews were affected. Also, qualified instructors who trained personnel to service UAV launches and cadets who were trained to conduct strikes on Ukrainian territory were killed.

Source itc
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