Ukrainian Armed Forces liquidate warehouse with Iranian drones, instructors and cadets

The strike targeted the 726th training center of the Russian air defense forces near the city of Yeysk, where Shahed-136 was launched and where the crews trained

The Ukrainian Navy officially announced the result of the attack on the night of June 21 on the 726th training center of the Russian Air Defense Forces, located near the city of Yeysk in the Krasnodar Territory on the shores of the Azov Sea.

It was from this military base that the Russian Federation regularly launched strikes against Shahed and trained its forces. But satellite imagery, which was released by OSIN analyst Brady Africk, eloquently demonstrated the result of the attack:

The photo from the day after the attack, which was carried out in cooperation with the Security Service of Ukraine, shows a completely destroyed building, which could only have happened in the case of a powerful detonation, most likely by the Shahed themselves, as well as damage to another building.

“In addition to the means of destruction, qualified instructors who trained personnel to service Shahed-136 / Geranium-2 launches and those cadets who were trained to strike at the territory of Ukraine using Iranian unmanned systems were also destroyed,” the Ukrainian Navy said in a statement.

It was not reported what exactly caused the strike, but on that day the so-called Russian Ministry of Defense traditionally reported the “successful interception” of 70 UAVs over the still-occupied Crimea and the Black Sea, as well as 43 drones over the Krasnodar Territory.

At the same time, what is more interesting in this situation is that the drone strike was effective on the training center of the Russian air defense forces. Which is also located next to the Yeysk air base, which is not only a training base but also the base of frontline Su-34 bombers, one of which crashed into a residential building in October 2013. That is, according to any logic, this facility should have been covered by air defense, because it is itself a positional air defense area.

Source defence-ua
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