The Ministry of Defense announced that 150 thousand people have updated their data in the newly created Reserve+ application, but not everything is so good

As of Saturday morning, May 18, at least 150,000 people have successfully logged in to the Reserve+ mobile app since its launch, with hundreds of thousands more requests pending. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“As of now, 150,000 citizens have already successfully logged in to the Reserve+ app. And hundreds of thousands more requests are in the queue,” the statement said.

The Ministry notes that the application is protected from DDOS attacks and enemy attempts to hack it, so the authorization function may not work for everyone at the same time.

“The technical team works 24/7, fixing all errors and responding to comments. Thank you for setting an example of responsibility! And we remind you that the deadline for updating data is 60 days, so everyone will have time to fulfill their obligation,” the Ministry added.

However, there are complaints on social media that most users have not been able to test the app. Many IT specialists report numerous crashes and a “crude” state of the program. They express concern that not everyone will be able to update their data through the app, and suggest that this may be done on purpose to increase the number of men who come to the MCC.

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