The 5 most ridiculous fakes Russia is spreading about Ukraine

Fakes and disinformation are an important component of Russian aggression. Propagandists spread stories about the so-called Nazis and the deployment of biolabs in advance to prepare the ground for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Today, by spreading fake news, the enemy hopes to mislead Ukraine’s international partners to disrupt the supply of weapons and ammunition. In addition, the aggressor is trying to sow discord and panic among Ukrainians, stir up emotions and encourage belligerence among its own population.

Ukraine was bought by the Western fund Blackrock – fake

The enemy’s propagandists claim that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has made a deal with the private American company BlackRock, selling Ukraine to it. Allegedly, all the largest enterprises, land and mineral resources will belong to foreign companies. In fact, the Ukrainian government signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the investment company BlackRock in 2022. This is a green light for foreign investors who decide to join the recovery of the depleted economy after our victory in the war. Therefore, cooperation with BlackRock will only be beneficial.

Poland wants to annex western regions of Ukraine – fake news

Another nonsense spread by Putin’s lie factories. There is even an agreement on a “temporary Polish protectorate” of the western regions. In reality, this large-scale IPSO has nothing to do with reality. By telling us how Poland is allegedly plotting to seize a part of Ukraine, the Kremlin is trying to split us from our western neighbor. The protests of Polish farmers, which were organized by experienced Russian agents, are worth mentioning.

Lights are turned off because electricity is sold abroad – fake news

Ruthless attacks on Ukraine’s energy system began in October last year. In unison, the enemy propagandists launched a fake that our government continues to export electricity to Europe. And allegedly, this is why the lights are turned off in Ukrainian homes. In reality, Ukraine immediately stopped supplying its Western partners to cover its own needs. Now electricity is being supplied on schedule again, as large-scale Russian attacks have destroyed the energy infrastructure. The imbalance in the system is difficult to restore, and even imports from Europe do not help.

Secret biological laboratories and a dirty bomb are fake

Even before the full-scale invasion began, Russia was actively spreading fake information about the deployment of so-called American biological laboratories in Ukraine. They allegedly created war birds, killer mosquitoes, and other deadly creatures. The then-Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Ukraine was allegedly preparing provocations using, quote, “a dirty bomb.” Russian representatives in the UN Security Council could not provide any evidence for this ridiculous claim. Ukrainian diplomats, in turn, asked the IAEA to send experts for an inspection. As expected, experts found no evidence of a “dirty bomb”.

The absence of fortifications in Kharkiv region is a fake, but not entirely

Kharkiv and Kharkiv region will be easy prey for the Russian army. This narrative is now being spread by many Russian telegram channels. It is reinforced by allegations that the defense facilities are allegedly missing because of corrupt Ukrainian officials who embezzled the money allocated. Meanwhile, Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Serhiy Leshchenko explained that a echeloned system of fortifications is being built near the frontline Kharkiv, consisting of several defensive lines. It is impossible to build them in the so-called “gray” zone, as every meter of land is under heavy artillery fire. However, there were still cases of embezzlement of funds at some construction sites. This is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies.

In this difficult and turbulent time, the editorial board of Sundries advises you to carefully observe information hygiene. Do not trust news from dubious Telegram channels, check what you read and hear from several sources. Think critically, never jump to conclusions. Only a balanced and rational approach can stop the Russian disinformation machine.

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