The Netherlands officially approved the transfer of 24 F-16 fighters to Ukraine to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities

The Netherlands has finalized a permit to export 24 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine as part of an aviation coalition.

This was stated by Defense Minister Kaisa Ollongren in a letter to the House of Representatives of the country’s parliament.

The document states that the relevant permit was issued on June 19. It provides for the transfer of combat aircraft and seven jet engines to Ukraine. The letter also states that F-16 fighters will arrive in Ukraine “in the near future,” but the exact date is not specified.

“Operational security remains the primary criterion in considering whether or not to disclose information. Based on this, as well as on the agreements within the international coalition, no further details about this delivery are provided at this time,” the document says.

The House of Representatives of the Dutch Parliament will be confidentially informed about the delivery of the aircraft.

Earlier in June, Ollongren said that the first Dutch F-16 fighters would be delivered to the Ukrainian Air Force this summer.

“There will be more and more planes, and this will strengthen your Air Force… I can’t give you a date, so I say this summer. We are currently following this plan. At the same time, you will first receive aircraft from Denmark. We will be after Denmark, but this is a joint plan,” said Kajsa Ollongren.

Regarding the readiness of Ukraine’s infrastructure to receive aircraft, the minister noted that “we are also moving according to plan.”

“Ukraine is on the right track, and this is very important because, as you said, it’s not just pilots that are needed. It is also about technical staff, airplanes, and the equipment they need, as well as the infrastructure in your country,” the minister said.

The Netherlands is also not opposed to Ukraine’s use of the transferred F-16 fighter jets for strikes on Russian territory. In addition, the government will purchase air-to-ground weapons for these combat aircraft worth more than EUR 150 million.

Source Military
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