Travel blogger Anton Ptushkin’s film We, Our Pets and the War was screened in Toronto

A documentary by Anton Ptushkin, a well-known Ukrainian travel blogger and former host of the “Heads and Tails” program, dedicated to the rescue of animals during the Russian invasion, was screened in Canada. This was reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The film, titled “We, Our Pets and the War,” tells the story of animal rescue during Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Oleg Nikolenko, Consul General of Ukraine in Toronto, noted that all tickets to the screening had been purchased.

Nikolenko also emphasized that the film reminds us of the humanity of Ukrainians who care not only for themselves but also for animals, despite the difficult circumstances of the war. He added that the film skillfully conveys an important message to foreign audiences that the war against Ukraine is ongoing and the country needs support. This is a sincere and talented work that helps to draw attention to Ukraine in Canada.

The film was created in collaboration with the Canadian company Yap Films. Anton Ptushkin said that representatives of this company found him through the large Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. The film was aimed at a Western audience, so a large number of people in the movie speak English. We have already achieved a certain result – the film was purchased by the largest US broadcaster PBS.

Ptushkin explained that he decided to tell the story of animals to show the war from an angle that would be interesting to foreign viewers. In the summer of 2022, the events in Bucha have already taken place, and unfortunately, the Western audience has become less sensitive to tragedies involving the death of people. He believes that the theme of animals can touch the hearts of viewers.

The documentary We, Our Pets and the War was Anton Ptushkin’s first in this genre. The film has already set a record by collecting UAH 2.3 million in its first weekend at the national box office, which exceeds the gross of the highest-grossing Ukrainian documentary 20 Days in Mariupol over 16 weekends.

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