Two-year-old British baby becomes the youngest in history to reach Everest Base Camp (photo)

A two-year-old British boy became the youngest person to reach Everest Base Camp.

This was reported by Mirror.

Carter Dallas climbed to the southern site in Nepal, located at an altitude of 5300 meters above sea level, on October 25. He made the climb on the back of his father Ross, along with his 31-year-old mother Jade. The trio from Glasgow is on a year-long trip through Asia.

It is believed that the previous record of the base camp belonged to a four-year-old girl from the Czech Republic. The child got to the base camp on his own with his father and 7-year-old brother.

Ross, a former sales manager, said about climbing Everest: “Carter did better than me and his mom. We both got mild altitude sickness, but he was fine. Before base camp there were two doctors in the villages and they checked his blood to make sure he was okay, his results were much better than ours – they were shocked! We bought jackets, food and two sleeping bags for the trek. Within 24 hours of landing in Kathmandu, we started our journey.”

Ross, 35, says he thinks they were well prepared for the trip because they regularly practice “breathing techniques” and all three of them bathe in ice baths.

The parents were walking in their usual casual sneakers, and Carter was strapped to Ross’s back. The couple rented out their home in Scotland and bought three one-way tickets for a year-long trip in August 2023.

Two-year-old British baby becomes the youngest in history to reach Everest Base Camp (photo)
Ross, Jade and two-year-old Carter / Photo: SWNS

They flew to India and then visited Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and then made a trip back to India. Then they traveled to Nepal, and then went to Malaysia for a wedding. After that, they traveled to Singapore, where they spent Carter’s birthday at Universal Studios.

Then they spent Christmas in Penang and then crossed the border into Thailand. They spent the New Year on the Thai island of Koh Lanta. Currently, the family is in the jungle of a Thai reserve in Khao Sok, their next stop is Bangkok, and then Cambodia.

Ross, Jade and two-year-old Carter / Photo: SWNS

Ross says that Carter has absorbed all the different cultures and he loves it. He said: “He’ll say ‘savadi-kap’ and ‘namaste’ – he’s learning the lingo. We love that he is getting to know different cultures and playing with all the children in the small villages, it really opens his mind. The one thing he loved the most was listening to the Islamic call to prayer!”

Carter is also used to exotic dishes: he liked to eat fish curry in the Maldives, chicken legs in Malaysia, and even crocodile legs. But his favorite dish is Pad Thai.

The family says that the highlights of the trip so far have been visiting an elephant orphanage and swimming with them, visiting the Taj Mahal, and swimming with sharks in the Maldives.

Two-year-old Carter / Photo: SWNS

“We hope we can inspire other people to get out and see the real world. It’s so much better than just going to Tenerife,” Ross said.

Two-year-old British baby becomes the youngest in history to reach Everest Base Camp (photo)
Two-year-old Carter / Photo: SWNS
Source tsn
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