Ukraine may ban detention of cars for improper parking

The Rada is considering an initiative to abolish the detention of cars for parking violations. The draft law currently under consideration envisages significant changes to the law enforcement system concerning parking inspectors. This was reported by the press service of the parliament.

The purpose of draft law No. 9092-3 is to temporarily deprive executive bodies, village, town and city councils, represented by parking inspectors, of the right to temporarily detain vehicles and to grant the relevant powers to employees of authorized units of the National Police.

The document, in particular, prohibits the temporary detention of cars by parking inspectors only during the legal regime of martial law in Ukraine or in certain areas where martial law has been introduced.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine would increase the fine for improper parking. It is about improper parking of large and heavy vehicles.

As a reminder, the amount of the fine for parking in the wrong place depends on how incorrectly and where the vehicle is parked. Thus, for violating the rules of stopping/parking, the fine will be UAH 340. If this creates an obstacle or threat to other road users, the fine increases to UAH 680.

Source uamotors
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