Ukraine may receive first F-16 by summer: Belgian Prime Minister says

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Kroo said that the first F-16 fighter jet could be delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by the summer of this year. This information is transmitted by Channel 24. De Kroo noted that the Belgian side is already providing training for Ukrainian pilots, which will allow Ukraine to provide aircraft with trained pilots.

“We provide training for Ukrainian pilots on our aircraft. The first aircraft with trained pilots may be delivered by the summer of this year,” said the Belgian prime minister.

According to de Kroo, the delivery of F-16 fighters will significantly strengthen Ukraine’s air shield in response to recent Russian attacks. Ukrainian pilots are already undergoing intensive training, and 12 pilots are expected to be trained to operate the F-16 by the summer.

De Kroo also recalled the decisions of partner countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and especially Norway, which had previously stated that it was ready to provide Ukraine with these fighters “with the most modern weapons,” as the Norwegian Foreign Ministry reported.

At a meeting on Wednesday, April 17, European partners discussed additional ways to strengthen the protection of Ukraine’s skies, including the transfer of Patriot systems from Germany. The North Atlantic Alliance is calling for the transfer of existing air defense systems to Ukraine, saying that this is much more useful than storing them in Europe.

As a reminder, Ukraine may receive the first F-16s in July, but the number of aircraft is limited

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