Denmark has allocated 200 million kroner for the purchase of weapons in Ukraine

The Danish government has announced a new aid package for Ukraine, which provides for the allocation of 200 million Danish kroner (approximately 28.5 million USD) for the purchase of weapons and military equipment from Ukrainian manufacturers. This was announced by Minister of Strategic Industries Oleksandr Kamyshin.

“This is the first such decision – I believe the first of many. And this is what we have been asking our partners for over the past months,” Kamyshin said. He noted that such support is critical, as the Ukrainian defense industry can currently produce more weapons than the country can afford to buy with the national budget.

According to the minister, the capacity of the Ukrainian defense industry is about $20 billion, while the budget for arms purchases is limited to $6 billion. “Roughly speaking, we have only a third of all the machines in the country working, because we don’t have enough money to provide orders for the rest,” Kamyshin explained.

The minister also said that Ukraine has launched a global fundraising campaign ZBROYARI: Manufacturing Freedom, which aims to raise $10 billion for weapons production in 2024. This initiative is seen as a strategic fundraiser not for individuals, but for entire nations. “Denmark’s contribution was the first such ‘donation,'” Kamyshin added, emphasizing the significance of this step in supporting Ukraine’s economy and defense efforts.

Source hromadske
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