Ukrainian Armed Forces shoot down Russian drone with unusual “tuning” – plastic eggplant and beer caps (photo)

Ukrainian soldiers from the “Pomsta” brigade of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported shooting down a Russian Orlan-10 reconnaissance drone near Chasovyi Yar in Donetsk region. The drone was destroyed by a Browning M2 machine gun. The video of the successful attack was posted on social media.

Reporter Andriy Tsapliyenko noted that the materials used to create the affected drone were, in particular, beer corks and plastic eggplants. Despite such a “household” design, the devices of this model are considered to be among the most effective airborne correctors of the occupiers.

This case is reminiscent of the situation a month ago, when Ukrainian soldiers discovered and destroyed a Russian drone made of plywood and plastic bottles.

Tsapliyenko’s report also mentions Ukraine’s “night witches” – light-engine planes converted into long-range unmanned bombers.

The above facts demonstrate the ability of the Ukrainian military to use various methods and technical solutions to counter Russian drones.

Source prostomob
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