Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Starlink terminals fail on the day of Russian troops’ offensive in Kharkiv region – WP

On the morning of May 10, during the beginning of the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian military lost the ability to track the movement of Russian troops using drones due to enemy electronic warfare (EW). This is reported by The Washington Post with reference to information from the Ukrainian military.

Details of the incident

The 125th Territorial Defense Brigade of Ukraine, which is stationed on a 43-kilometer stretch of the Kharkiv region’s border with Russia, used reconnaissance drones to monitor the Russian buildup on a daily basis. However, on the morning of May 10, the brigade lost all video channels due to electronic interference from the enemy.

Starlink failure

In addition, the Starlink terminals that provide communications for the Ukrainian military are out of service. This is the second such case since the beginning of Russia’s invasion in February 2022. The commander of the drone unit, known by the call sign “Artist,” said that communication with the drones “simply disappeared.” “At some point, we were completely blind… This was the biggest problem, we could not see them moving, we only worked by radio or through phones, where they were still working,” the soldier said.

Attacks by Russian troops in Kharkiv region

According to the Ministry of Defense, on the morning of May 10, Russian occupants crossed the state border of Ukraine and tried to break through the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ defense line in Kharkiv region. The head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Syniehubov, said that Russian troops were firing in the north of the region, but there was no threat to Kharkiv. Western media reported that the invaders plan to create a buffer zone and pull back the Defense Forces 10 kilometers from the border with Russia. President Zelenskyy assured that the Ukrainian military was ready for such actions by the enemy.

Operational situation

The White House says that the US does not expect any major breakthroughs from the Russian army’s offensive in the north of Kharkiv region. According to the General Staff, as of 14:00 on May 13, the enemy had partial success in the area of Lukiantsi. It was also reported that as of 23:00 on May 13, Ukrainian defenders were combing the urban area of Vovchansk. The fighting continued and the situation remained under control.

The General Staff also noted that as of 10:00 a.m. on May 14, the Defense Forces had changed positions in the Lukianets area, continuing to comb through Vovchansk. As of the evening of May 14, it was reported that Ukrainian troops had moved to more favorable positions in the areas of Lukianets and Vovchansk. The head of the Kharkiv regional police, Tymoshko, said that as of the morning of May 15, the situation in Vovchansk remained difficult, with the enemy holding positions on the streets.

Ukrainian Armed Forces counterattack

On the afternoon of May 15, the General Staff reported that the Defense Forces had partially driven the enemy out of Vovchansk. The nightly report of the General Staff stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces continued defense and stabilization measures in Vovchansk. It was also reported that on 16 May Ukrainian soldiers launched counter-attacks near Vovchansk.

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