Volyn Predator: a new drone with unprecedented survivability is ready for battle (300 km)

Volyn specialists have developed a new reconnaissance drone RAIDER-1, which has high survivability and a flight range of up to 300 kilometers. The drone’s design was modernized based on a foreign analog, which allows it to reliably hold the horizon and steadily transmit a video signal to the operator throughout the flight.

The RAIDER-1 has been continued in the form of the RAIDER-2 cargo drone, which is being tested as a bomber. The vehicle is capable of carrying more than five kilograms of ammunition, radio equipment, communication or targeting systems. “The Dvika is equipped with powerful video cameras and low-noise motors with dampers, which makes the drone virtually silent. Four engines and a large wing area allow the drone to fly up to 10 kilometers, performing all RAIDER-1 functions and having increased survivability during landing.

RAIDER-2 can fly along a predefined route, taking into account the peculiarities of the landscape, and transmit video signals both offline and in real time. The tests are checking the bird’s resistance to operation in the face of enemy electronic warfare systems.

A military design engineer with the call sign “Winx” noted that different types of drones are being developed in each region of Ukraine for combat conditions, but that the characteristics of both Raiders are unique. One of the prototypes can fly for up to four hours, the other for up to five.

The developments are being tested in combat areas to check their survivability in various weather conditions, including rain and snow. The cameras installed on the drones provide shooting from different angles, which allows for a stable image.

Source prostomob
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