A major Ukrainian tour operator launches a franchise in the Polish market

One of the largest Ukrainian tour operators Join UP! has opened a franchise agency in Poland, the company’s press service reported.

In 2022, the Join UP! entered the Polish market as a tour operator and started cooperating with local travel agents. By opening a franchise agency in Kosice, the company wants to strengthen its travel brand in this market.

Join Up! LLC was registered in 2013, its owner is the British company Global Travel Holding Ltd, the ultimate beneficiaries are Oleksandr and Yuriy Alba. The Alba family also owns SkyUp Airlines.

“We try to support entrepreneurs in all the countries where we operate and give them the opportunity to build a business together with Join UP! Also, the development of the franchise network abroad expands access for Ukrainians in different countries to the already familiar travel service created by compatriots,” said the head of sales development at Join UP! Marina Daineko.

Today, the Join UP! is represented in Ukraine, Moldova (since 2017) and six other countries: in 2022, the brand’s companies appeared in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Poland and Romania. Plans for 2024 include entering the Czech and Slovak markets as a tour operator.

Join UP! has been developing its franchise network for over a decade, and as of March 2024, the company has about one hundred travel agencies. Of these, 33 opened after the start of the full-scale invasion.

The company’s press service clarified to LIGA.net that, apart from Poland, Join UP! has a franchise agency abroad in Chisinau.

On April 3, it became known that the Ukrainian ice cream and frozen semi-finished products producer Three Bears had acquired the Nordis plant in Poland.
In April, Ukrainian car sharing company Getmancar launches a franchise in Moldova.

Source liga

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