Six features that will disappear from Windows 11 in 2024

Microsoft continues to update Windows 11 with the latest features, such as Copilot, but with each update, some old features are becoming a thing of the past. The major 24H2 update in 2024 is expected to bring significant changes to the system, including the end of support for several familiar applications.

With the 24H2 update coming soon, here’s a list of six features that will no longer be supported:

  1. 32-bit Arm applications: As part of the general trend in the technology industry to abandon 32-bit applications, Microsoft will officially stop supporting these applications in Windows 11.
  2. Steps Recorder application: This tool, which allowed you to record your computer activities, will also be removed.
  3. Windows speech recognition: This feature will gradually be replaced by a more modern tool, Voice Access, which was introduced in 2022.
  4. WordPad: The removal of this text editor, which served as an intermediate link between Notepad and Microsoft Word, is perhaps one of the biggest losses.
  5. Windows Mixed Reality: Despite Microsoft’s previous ambitions for mixed reality, the 24H2 update will remove this technology. However, existing headsets will still be able to be used via Steam.
  6. The Windows for Android subsystem: Despite high expectations at launch, this platform will be completely removed next year, narrowing the options for accessing Android apps on Windows.

The loss of these features may be disappointing for many users, but at the same time, the update promises many innovations and improvements, including the introduction of intelligent tools that can significantly improve the performance and usability of the system.

Source XDA Developers
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