Estonia will have its own ‘Diia’ – the Ministry of Digital of Ukraine will help with the development of the application

Estonia is the most technologically advanced EU country, and its e-government system is deservedly considered one of the best in the world. And so the Estonian government turned to the Ukrainian government with a request to help launch a pilot application based on ‘Diia’ by the end of 2022. The Ministry of Digital informs about the signing of the relevant Memorandum on cooperation.

The document on cooperation in the field of digital transformations was signed by the Ministry of Digital Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economy and Communications of Estonia. By the end of the year, Estonians are planning the first release of their own application based on Diia. The Ministry of Digitization team will share the ‘Diia’ code and approaches to UX/UI design with colleagues within the framework of cooperation.

Estonia will have its own ‘Diia’ – the Ministry of Digital will help with the development of the application

The Ministry of Digital Affairs does not hide the fact that it created the department, inspired by the successful experience of Estonia, and implemented digital reforms based on the Estonian experience. Over the past 3 years, Ukraine has managed to carry out a large-scale digitization of public services, and now it is time for Estonia to adopt the Ukrainian experience to create a public application with documents and services.

‘Estonia is the first country whose digital experience I studied in detail, even before I became a minister. During the trip to Estonia, we were not only inspired by the level of digitalization, but also later implemented the best practices in Ukraine. For example, Trembita. Thanks to which all registries exchange data with each other, and Ukrainians can receive such online services as eMalyatko’

Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister — Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Separately, the Ministry of Digital Affairs emphasizes that the architecture of the digital state is very similar in Ukraine and Estonia, which greatly simplifies the adaptation and implementation of the necessary services and developments. It is obvious that the cooperation will be mutually beneficial, so we are waiting for the further digitization of state services in Ukraine, following the example of Estonia.

A few days ago, a major update of ‘‎Action’ was released, in which documents in Latin, pension, restoration of car sharing services and notifications of fines for traffic violations appeared.

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