Explosions in Novorossiysk: Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the city with unmanned boats (video)

In Russia, on the night of July 3, unmanned boats attacked the city of Novorossiysk.

As noted, local authorities asked residents to stay away from windows and hide in a room with no sea view or in rooms without windows and solid walls.

Earlier, Novorossiysk Mayor Andrey Kravchenko warned of the danger of an attack by unmanned boats, streets near the waterfront were blocked, and the city sounded the alarm.

Local residents also reported hearing explosions.

Novorossiysk has a naval base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Subsequently, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that air defense systems allegedly destroyed 5 UAVs over the territory of the Belgorod region, 4 UAVs were destroyed over the territory of the Bryansk region, and 1 UAV was destroyed over the territory of the Moscow region.

In addition, regular firepower in the Black Sea destroyed two unmanned boats heading in the direction of Novorossiysk,” the Russians boast.

What preceded it

As a reminder, on the night of May 17, as a result of joint activities of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian drones hit a number of Russian military facilities in Novorossiysk and temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

Source news.online
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