YouTube now allows you to mark for removal videos created by AI that use your image or voice

YouTube introduces a new policy that allows users to request the removal of content created by artificial intelligence if it contains an image or voice that resembles a real person.

This change is aimed at protecting personal privacy and preventing the misuse of someone else’s image. The platform will assess whether a video has been altered or is synthetic and whether it has been disclosed. Factors such as the ease of identification of the person in question, the presence of parody or satire, and whether it features a public figure or a famous person will also be taken into account.

YouTube gives the alleged infringer 48 hours to respond to the complaint. If the content is removed during this period, the complaint will be closed. Otherwise, YouTube will review it. In addition, YouTube will pay attention to “sensitive behavior,” including crime, violence, product endorsements, or political candidates.

The innovation concerns privacy violations and requires a direct appeal in the first person, except in cases of minors, people without access to a computer, or the deceased.

Source gagadget
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