Iran unveils a new Shahin-1 kamikaze drone, which is very similar to the American one (photo)

Iran has unveiled its new Shahin-1 kamikaze drone. The Iranian drone is very similar to the American Switchblade-600 drone.

The Shahin-1 is a stray munition designed to detect, track and engage targets identified by the operator. Presumably, it is designed in the same way as the American Switchblade-600, with an oblong body with a warhead and two pairs of folding wings. When folded, one pair is located on top and the other on the bottom of the case.

To launch the drone, a container-shaped installation is used, similar to the installation for Meraj-521 and Sina UAVs. The Shahin-1 drone is designed to be deployed from a variety of land and naval platforms to give the military an advantage in various military scenarios.

According to the developers, the advantage of Shahin-1 is its highest autonomy. This is a smart, self-guided munition capable of independently identifying and hitting the specified objects. This advanced feature uses advanced technology to autonomously detect and engage targets.

Source building-tech
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