McDonald’s reveals the secret of why Coca-Cola tastes better in their restaurants

Many people have only now begun to understand why Coca-Cola and McDonald’s taste so different.

This was reported by The Mirror.

Most carbonated beverage lovers have long been convinced that a Coke from McDonald’s tastes much better than a store-bought one. Employees of the fast-food restaurant revealed their secret and gave fans an answer as to why it tastes different.

Many people have been discussing the topic of Coca-Cola’s taste for years. They were interested in why the drink had a different flavor. McDonald’s tries to keep the recipe a secret, but recently employees told us how they manage to achieve such a good taste. It became known that it was all about the method of mixing.

The fast-food chain released a statement and told us why it is so delicious. They claim to follow the guidelines set by Coca-Cola, but it’s all about the unique way they mix it.

“There are many reasons why Coca-Cola tastes so good at McDonald’s. We simply follow Coca-Cola’s guidelines and take steps to ensure that we serve a high-quality drink. The water and Coca-Cola syrup, the two main ingredients, are delivered to the restaurant separately and only then mixed, unlike the drinks you find on store shelves. They are pre-cooled before entering the tanks of our machines, and the ratio of syrup is set in such a way that the ice has time to melt,” the statement said.

Another reason for this pleasant taste is the cold water in the filling machine. This is done to ensure that the drink is always refreshing and meets the “gold standard”. The restaurant chain also makes sure that the water is filtered before it gets into the vending machines.

Another secret trick they use has to do with straws. McDonald’s claims that if you use a wider straw, you will get more of the great flavor into your body.

“It’s a little wider than a regular straw, so all the flavor of the cola hits your taste buds,” the statement says.

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