Zelenskyy lied to Western media about the Ukrainian army having enough ammunition and the military “not complaining” about the lack of artillery shells

Recently, the President of Ukraine told the Western media that “For the first time during the war, none of the brigades complain about the lack of artillery shells. And this has been happening for the past two months“. Inside Ukraine and at the frontline in particular, such statements shocked the military, because the President’s words do not correspond to reality at all. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief must have been deliberately misled by someone in his inner circle, and he is repeating someone else’s words without knowing the real situation… or he is outright lying.

This was written by a well-known military journalist and editor-in-chief of Censor.Net Yuriy Butusov in his Telegram channel.

The situation is actually

First of all, brigadis don’t complain, because complaining doesn’t give the result, they are simply ignored. Brigade commanders see no point in reporting a shortage of ammunition, as it does not improve the situation, but rather works in reverse. The high command “eliminates” those who complain too much and disagree with what is happening in the army.

Secondly, 155 mm artillery is supplied with shells only in certain areas, in particular in the north of Kharkiv region. There, 155 mm artillery is functioning, but in other parts of the front this caliber is limited. The situation is especially critical with shells for counter-battery warfare, where 155 mm caliber is sorely lacking.

Thirdly, the supply of artillery and mortar ammunition of other calibers is far below the needs. This applies to 152 mm and 122 mm howitzers, 125 mm guns, 120 mm, 82 mm, 81 mm and 60 mm mortars, which are the main weapons of most infantry brigades. The shortage of this ammunition is critical in all areas, including the northern Kharkiv region. Many units receive only 10-20 units of ammunition per day.

Fourthly, the army is in dire need of all kinds of ammunition. There are also problems with their distribution. Some brigades seeking to provide quality combat training are forced to buy even 5.45 mm and 7.62 mm ammunition at their own expense and at the expense of volunteers, as well as many other types of ammunition. Some units are forced to organize their own ammunition production with the support of volunteers.


The real situation on the frontline is significantly different from what was announced by Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The shortage of ammunition remains a very serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately to ensure the effectiveness of the fighting. There is also apparently no real communication between the military and the government, which in turn gives rise to such statements. Also, this coverage of events at the front is very similar to the Soviet-era reporting, where any problems were hushed up, those who disagreed were fought to the point of physical destruction (a very common practice in the Armed Forces, especially after the release of Zaluzhnyi), and “successes” were pretentiously claimed.

Also, we remind you that today, May 18, the application for persons liable for military service was launched: The Ministry of Defense announced 150 thousand people who updated their data in the newly created Reserve+ application – but not everything is so good

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