The GUR hacked into the servers of the Russian Defense Ministry and gained access to classified documents

Cyber specialists of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine have hacked into the servers of the Russian Defense Ministry. As a result, Ukrainian intelligence gained access to the software, ciphers, and a large number of classified documents of the Russian agency.

The data obtained includes orders, reports, instructions, reports and other documents that circulated among more than 2,000 structural units of the Russian security agencies. This will allow the Ukrainian side to establish the full structure of the Russian Defense Ministry system and its links.

The data analysis also helped identify generals and other high-ranking officials of the Russian Ministry of Defense, including deputies, assistants, and specialists, who used the electronic document management software.

Among the documents obtained was the official documentation of the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Timur Vadimovich Ivanov, who, according to intelligence, played a key role in the success of the cyberattack.

The work of Ukrainian intelligence in Russian cyberspace aimed at obstructing and paralyzing the activities of law enforcement agencies and officials of the aggressor state continues.

In late January, a cyberattack by the Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate took down the Russian Defense Ministry’s special communications server.

Recently, the Ukrainian IT Army attacked the largest Russian e-mail service Users outside of Russia and some of those living in the aggressor country lost access to their mail.

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