The military showed the latest UAV interceptor CUGAR in the case

The US military tested an anti-drone system manufactured by Dynetics at Fort Sill. It uses CUGAR interceptor UAVs to destroy air targets.

According to the Defense Blog, the Pentagon wants to strengthen the protection of stationary military facilities from unauthorized intrusion by drones. Dynetics, a subsidiary of Leidos, proposed to use the MFP anti-drone system, which has a multi-level security architecture, for this purpose. It allows neutralizing enemy UAVs with minimal collateral damage. The centerpiece of the system is the CUGAR drone.

An armored vehicle is used as a platform for launching the interceptor drone. It can do this while driving. Offending drones are destroyed by CUGAR using special charges. To minimize the risk of harm, the MFP system was supplemented by Lockheed Martin’s MORFIUS reusable interceptor UAVs.

Source prostomob
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