The most successful animated release: Mavka grossed $20 million at the global and Ukrainian box office

The Ukrainian animated film Mavka. The Forest Song” grossed about $15.7 million at the global box office and $4.3 million at the Ukrainian box office. The cartoon became the most successful animated release in the Ukrainian box office ever.
This was reported by the press service of the movie on November 16.

Global rental

The largest number of tickets for Mavka abroad were purchased in France – 551,000.

Overall, the film took the first position among all premiere releases in terms of its first day’s box office, the second position in terms of its first weekend at the French national box office, and was among the top five highest-grossing films of the opening week.

Poland took the second place in terms of the number of tickets sold, with 480,000 tickets purchased, and the box office reached $2.2 million. Italy came in third with 188,000 tickets, earning $1.3 million. Here, Mavka became the fifth highest-grossing animated film of 2023, spending five weeks in the top three.

In Portugal, the cartoon was ranked first among independent animation debuts in 2023 and was ranked second among all animation releases in 2023.

Results of the global box office of Mavka. Photo: Group

In total, Mavka has been sold to more than 20 countries and has been translated into 32 languages, with animation dubbed by local stars and opinion leaders.

In addition, in almost every country, both dubbed and Ukrainian versions were shown in cinemas, so that Ukrainian families could see the cartoon anywhere in the world, despite the forced emigration.

Ukrainian rental

The animated film by was released in Ukraine on March 2, 2023, simultaneously with the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.

The film’s team notes that they sold more tickets than for Avatar: The Waterway, the highest-grossing film in the Ukrainian box office in 2022.

In March, Mavka. The Forest Song” became the highest-grossing Ukrainian film in March, surpassing the previous record holder, I, You, He, She. The film grossed UAH 81.8 million during its three weekends.

“Mavka also ranked third among all films released since Ukraine’s independence.

The highest-grossing cartoon rental in Ukraine. Photo: Group

Future plans

At Cartoon Business 2023, Iryna Kostiuk, producer of the animated cartoon, and Tetyana Ruban, CEO of the Nerd licensing agency, shared details of the cartoon’s creation and plans for future projects.

They announced a full-length feature film for the 12+ audience.

The continuation of the Mavka universe will also include an animated series created in collaboration with the French animation studio TeamTo. The series will feature new characters – Mavka’s friend Povitrulya, who will be “the absolute opposite in character” and the “forest villain” Chugayster.

Source suspilne
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