The Oberig registry will now inform about the status of receiving a call-up by persons liable for military service

The Oberig register of persons liable for military service will display the status of receipt of the call. However, this process will take place in accordance with the current legislation – it must be delivered in person and certified by a signature.

Deputy Minister of Defense for Digitalization Kateryna Chernogorenko told DOU.

“The Oberig registry has a separate field on the status of a person’s summons – when it was served and what the status is. Conscripts are notified only in accordance with the law – in person and with a signature. All other methods are currently unlawful,” she noted.

She also said that once the interaction with all the registers is established, Oberig will be able to receive all the necessary information automatically, and the TCC and JV will contact persons liable for military service only in certain cases.

“But we cannot completely remove a person from this process. Because some data must be certified personally. And even after the automated data update, the MCC will still be able to call a person liable for military service for verification if the last changes were made a long time ago,” the Deputy Defense Minister emphasized.

The Oberig register is an electronic database of persons liable for military service, conscripts and reservists, which is used to maintain military records. “Oberig is automatically filled with information from various state registers, as well as data collected by the employees of the TCC and JV.

Among other things, the register contains the following information about a person: Full name, place of residence, date of birth, marital status, information about family members, place of work, criminal record, education, taxpayer registration number, military service, rank, etc.

As a reminder, on April 11, the Verkhovna Rada passed in the second reading draft law No. 10449 on strengthening mobilization. The law introduces changes to the data recording procedure and introduces penalties for evasion. The Ministry of Defense has digitized the data of all potential recruits.

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