Poles start buying housing in Spain en masse in case of war – media

In 2024, Poles began to buy housing in Spain three times more due to the fear of hostilities in their country.

This was reported by The Warsaw.

Sebastian Pawlak, a representative of a Warsaw real estate agency, said that Polish pensioners who have saved money and young people are most interested in real estate in Spain. There are also rich people, but they are few.

“The growth over the past two years is obvious, but at the beginning of this year it intensified, which is probably due to the news from Ukraine. There is more and more information that the war may come to us. Half of our clients admit in conversations with us that they are thinking about two things: how to invest safely and where to flee to in case of war,” Pavlak said.

The publication indicates that currently, on average, a 65-square-meter apartment is sold in Spain for 160 thousand euros, which means that you will have to pay 2.4 thousand euros per meter. At the same time, most Polish clients expect to buy a home for 150 thousand euros.

Source hvylya
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