The government has changed the cost of “cool license plates”: how much motorists will have to pay

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted amendments to its resolutions in terms of updating the cost of license plates.

Deputy Minister of the Interior Bohdan Drapyatyi clarifies that these are decrees No. 1388 of September 7, 1998, and No. 795 of June 4, 2007.

From now on, the cost of license plates for certain digital combinations for mopeds, trailers and motorcycles is set at UAH 2 thousand. UAH.

At the same time, taking into account the high demand and limited supply, the cost of certain license plates has been changed, namely:

  • 0001, 0007 and 7777 – 80 thousand. UAH;
  • four identical digits (except for 6666 and 7777) – 50 thousand. UAH;
  • consecutive combinations of digits from 0002 to 0005, 0008 and 0009 – 50 thousand. UAH;
  • two consecutive pairs of identical digits – 15 thousand. UAH;
  • from consecutive numbers 0123 and 1234 – 15 thousand. UAH;
  • begin with two zeros, and the following digits are not the same – 10 thousand. UAH.

At the same time, due to low demand and high supply, the cost of license plates with the number “6” has been significantly reduced, namely:

  • The numbers 0006 and 6666 are 10 thousand. UAH;
  • of four digits – two consecutive pairs of identical digits, one of which is 66 – 4 thousand. UAH;
  • of four digits, three of which are 6 and are arranged in a row – 4 thousand. UAH.

It is important to note that the updated price of license plates is exclusive of VAT and applies to cars and buses.

As the Deputy Minister emphasized, paid digital license plate combinations are issued solely at the request of the person. The vast majority of license plates are free.

You can check the availability of free license plates in the service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and their cost in a special service.

At the same time, Drapyatyi announced the next step of the agency – delivery of license plates by mail and the possibility for business entities to produce license plates of the established standard.

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